80A-SC Reverse Polarity Motor Control with Speed Control


Price: $149.95

Part Number: 80A-SC


12VDC Polarity Reversing Control with speed control is designed to provide variable speed bi-directional control of DC motors. Output relays rated at 80A @12VDC. By utilizing pulse width modulation, the output voltage and thus the speed of the DC motor can be varied from 1% to 100% power in 1% increments. The control is housed in a metal enclosure and the electronics are encapsulated for waterproofing. The control is suitable for use in harsh environments. Operating temperature range - 0 F to 160 F. Up to 12 transmitters can be used with each receiver. The unit is controlled by 3 switches on the box. One switch toggle the power from OFF to ON, one switch toggles the direction that the motor will turn, and the final switch adjusts the speed from 0-100%. Proudly made in the USA.


  • Input voltage: 12VDC with reverse polarity protection.
  • The output relays are rated at 80A @12VDC.
  • Operating temperature range: 0F to 160F.
  • Optional kit available to add remote control functionality. P/N LRA-340WPK
12VDC Polarity Reversing Speed Control - 80A @ 12VDC