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GAMA Electronics is your full service electromechanical design, engineering and production company. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our teams of highly skilled personnel are equipped to deliver state of the art solutions for your product requirements whether consumer electronics, mil-spec components or anything in between. We will support you through the full life cycle of your products. Our ISO9001:2008 quality processes, fabrication, assembly and testing procedures are fully documented and open for your inspection. For automotive industry clients, we are a certified TS-16949 supplier. Customer audits are welcomed. Protocols and validation support are available to clients who need to perform installation, operation and performance qualification for ISO9000 or cGMP requirements.

Stage 1 - Analysis

Analysis is the process of determining customer requirements. It is the single most important step in meeting your expectations. You may have a completely documented design that has been engineered and tested, or you may have an idea that needs to be specified before becoming a working design. Whatever your needs, we are ready to help you ink a plan to put your product on a winning course.

Of course, a completed design minimizes the scope of the project and reduces the input requirements, but even if yours has only evolved to the idea stage, here's what you can expect. We will meet, informally just to get acquainted. You're welcome to visit our plant and speak with our staff. We'll talk about your project and help you decide if GAMA Electronics is the right choice for you. We will put our best foot forward and give you an honest assessment of our ability with respect to your needs. If you decide to move forward with us, we will schedule a series of design and requirements meetings where we will collect input from you and offer advice, if needed, to formalize the project parameters. We'll help you out with a rough time line and when a definite BOM and project plan have been determined we will present a formal proposal and a request for your approval.

Stage 2 - Design

Once the project plan is approved we will begin the design and engineering work. You will be assigned a dedicated project engineer who will be available to answer questions and provide status updates. All of our customers are delighted with the personal attention they receive from our engineering staff. Clients and engineers often become good friends throughout the course of a project. All of our project engineers are experienced, electrical and mechanical engineers with years of service in their respective fields. They take great pride in their knowledge of up to date leading edge technologies.

A good deal of creative work is involved in the process of building an electronic component or product. Topping this list is design of the printed circuit board. Although the actual board fabrication work is performed off-site, the circuit design and layout is a task that your project engineer will perform. Computer aided design is employed at this stage. The result: an extremely accurate, functional layout optimized for good heat dissipation, low RF interference and conformity to space requirements.

Stage 3 - Production

The circuit board design is transmitted to our supplier and finished boards are returned to us, usually within a few days, where they are received by our incoming quality inspectors. Defects are rare. Over 99% of the boards supplied by our vendors pass this initial inspection and are quickly cleared for production.

The next step is component placement and soldering. Depending on the job requirements, this is done by hand or by automated pick and place robotic assembly machines. Hand assembly and soldering are done by our team of skilled electronic assembly workers. Automated assembly machines are used for placement and soldering of surface mount device (SMD) components which are often too small to manipulate by hand. All electronic assembly work is done in accordance with IPC-A-610, a stringent quality standard published by the Industry Association for Printed Circuit Board and Electronics Manufacturing. Finished boards are assembled into working enclosures if required then routed to QA for inspection and functional testing.

Stage 4 - Testing

Throughout the design and engineering stages, we've been generating drawings, written procedures and operating instructions specific to your project. Your project documentation also includes formal testing procedures or protocols, that we use to measure the performance of your finished product. Depending on your requirements, we may test for operation under variable environmental conditions, for specific duty cycles, for over-under voltage power supply conditions or for any other parameters that were defined in the product specification.

Stage 5 - Shipping

We always feel a great sense of pride when a finished order is packed up and shipped to you, our customer. But we know this isn't the end of our commitment. It's only the beginning. Long after you accept delivery, we will be here, ready to assist in any way we can to assure that our work has resulted in a product of enduring quality, and most importantly, has met or exceeded your expectations.