PB3-REMOTE Remote Control Overhead Door System

Overhead Door Remote Control System



Price: $94.95

Part Number: PB3-REMOTE


The PB3-REMOTE is an innovative product that replaces the standard commercial door three button operator switch and provides remote control operation with no additional wiring or hardware.

The PB3-REMOTE has been tested with most major brands including Liftmaster, Lynx, MMTC and Allstar. Most commercial overhead doors manufactured over the past 40 years operate on 24VAC power. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PB3-REMOTE DOES NOT WORK WITH LIFTMASTER OPENERS THAT USE A LOGIC BOARD. If you have a liftmaster door with a logic board we offer an alternate product that will operate the door. The part number is RF340-DRC.

On doors that can operate with this control, the PB3-REMOTE connects to the existing control station wiring. It does not require any additional electrical work. It allows you to remotely control the "OPEN", "CLOSE" and "STOP" functions while still allowing manual push-button operation. The control is supplied with a single waterproof 3-button keyfob transmitter. It can also be used with our multi-door remote control transmitter which allows control of up to 99 doors.


  • Frequency: 340MHz
  • Input voltage: 24VAC
  • Control station dimensions are approximately 5.25" x 2" x 2" .
  • Kit Includes (1) Control Station, (1) 3-button Keyfob Transmitter and (1) Long Range Antenna.
  • Transmit range is 100' with antenna mounted indoors and >500' with antenna mounted outdoors.
  • Up to 12 keyfob transmitters can be used with each receiver.
  • Functions with KF340-DRC-99 Multi-door Transmitter.
Overhead Door Remote Control System

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