P12001-2-MTD Waterproof Rocker Switch On-Off


Price: $29.95

Part Number: P12001-2-MTD


Rugged SPST On-Off power rocker switch is environmentally sealed. This is a maintained switch meaning it stays locked in the selected position. The actuator is sealed by means of gaskets and o-rings. The switch body and connections are encapsulated in urethane inside a robust ABS enclosure. The enclosure has a built-in guard that shields the switch button from accidental actuation. There are two mounting tabs which allow the switch to be secured to a convenient mounting surface. The dimensions of the enclosure are 2 long x 2 3/8 wide x 2 high (including the switch button guard). 10 AWG switch leads are 12 long. The switch is rated at 30A @ 12VDC, 25A @ 125VAC, 15A @ 250VAC.

It is ideal for marine applications, construction equipment, automotive accessories or other applications in harsh environments.


  • Waterproof to IP-66
  • Rated at 30A @ 12VDC, 25A @ 125VAC, 15A @ 250VAC.
  • Dimensions: 2 L x 2 3/8 W x 2 H (including the switch button guard).
Waterproof Rocker Switch On-Off