24VPRCONTROL 24 VDC Reverse Polarity DC Motor Control


Price: $44.95

Part Number: 24VPRCONTROL


This is a high power control used for bi-directional control of a DC motor. The control incorporates 40 amp 24 VDC relays and is designed for controlling winches, jacks and lifts that use bi-directional DC motors. We have successfully tested the control at 40 amps, 24VDC. A single pole, double throw On-Off-On switch is required to activate the relays.


  • Polarity Reversing
  • 40 amp @ 24VDC
  • Enclosure is polycarbonate
  • Size is approximately 2.7"L x 2.3"W x 1.6"H.
24 VDC Reverse Polarity DC Motor Control