WP28PR-MOM Waterproof Toggle Switch 3 Position Reverse Polarity DC Motor Control- Momentary


Price: $19.95

Part Number: WP28PR-MOM


Waterproof Momentary On-Off-Momentary On reverse polarity Toggle Switch. It is configured for polarity reversing.

Simply connect power and ground and two DC motor leads and the switch will reverse the motor direction. This switch is momentary meaning it springs back to the center off position when the toggle is released.

The switch body and contacts are imbedded in urethane to make them waterproof. There are wire leads for the connections.

A rubber boot protects the toggle and front surface of the switch from dirt and moisture. This heavy duty switch mounts in a .48" diameter hole and has 6 inch long wire leads.

Note: When installing the switch, we recommend a bead of silicone around the base of the boot to ensure a watertight seal between the switch boot and your mounting surface. Extra Toggle Boots are available.


  • DPDT Momentary On-Off-Momentary On, Polarity Reversing
  • 30A 12VDC
  • 15A 24VDC
  • Mounts in a .48 diameter hole and has 6 inch long wire leads
  • Dimensions are 1.5 L x 1 W x 1.5 D
  • UL & CSA Approved
Waterproof On-Off Toggle Switch