87701 – Landing Leg Control for Atwood Products


Landing Leg Control for Atwood Products – 87701

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The Dual Motor Control Assembly provides polarity reversing control of two 12-Volt DC motors typically used for Landing Gear Systems in Recreational Vehicles for leveling.  The system operates from a 12-volt deep cycle battery.  Wire Leads provide input/output connections to the system.  There are 3-switches that control the output of the system, one switch simultaneously operates both outputs to extend and retract the motors.  There is an individual switch to control each output motor.  The two polarity reversing outputs are labeled as Driver Leg and Passenger Leg.  The switches and relays provide dynamic breaking to immediately stop the output travel of the motors.


87701 Instructions PDF (748 KB)
87701 Wiring Diagram PDF (244 KB)
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