Commercial Overhead Door Remote Control System


Commercial Overhead Door Remote Control System

The PB3-DRC is an innovative product that replaces the standard commercial door three button operator switch and provides remote control operation with no additional wiring or hardware.

The PB3-DRC is a universal system that has been tested with most major brands including Liftmaster, Lynx, MMTC and Allstar. Most commercial overhead doors manufactured over the past 40 years operate on 24VAC power. On these doors, the PB3-DRC connects to the existing control station wiring and operates using an external power supply that connects to any standard 120V wall outlet. The unit allows you to remotely control the “OPEN”, “CLOSE” and “STOP” functions while still allowing manual push-button operation. The control is supplied with a single waterproof 3-button keyfob transmitter. We offer several accessories that work with the system including an outdoor keypad (KP340-DRC) that will operate the system using a custom 4-digit code, a multi-door transmitter (KF340-DRC-99) that can control up to 99 doors on a single transmitter, and our rechargeable transmitter (GKF-WPTX-DRC).


Additional information

Transmitter Type

4-Door Transmitter (RFT340-12DC-MB), Multi-Door Transmitter (KF340-DRC-99), Rechargeable (Overhead Door), Standard


PB3-DRC Instruction Manual
PB3-DRC Drawing PDF