Waterproof Solid State Adjustable Circuit Breaker 2-30A 12VDC


Solid State Circuit Breaker – 2-30A – 12VDC

The SSB-30A is a solid state adjustable circuit breaker. The breaker operates from 12-Volts DC and monitors a 12VDC output. The output incorporates current sensing that will monitor the output current and turn off the output when the operating current exceeds the current setting of the control.

The control has a rotary switch that allows the user to select the maximum output current. The control has a 250 millisecond trip time to accommodate for in-rush current. If the maximum current is exceeded for more than 250 milliseconds, the solid state breaker will disconnect the 12V output from the device, the LED indicator will start flashing and the user will need to press the reset button to resume normal operation.

The electronics are encapsulated in a 1.5” x 1.5” x 1” enclosure.

Maximum Ratings: Power for the breaker can be in the range of 10 to 15VDC. The breaker is reverse polarity protected. The relay contacts are rated at 30 Amps @ 13.8VDC.

Power Consumption: 7.5mA when the relays are de-energized, 70mA when the relay is energized.

Waterproof to IP65

Input Power Connection: 12VDC power connects to the Red wire (+12V) and black wire (GND).

Output Connection: The 12VDC output is the yellow wire.


SSB-30A Instruction Manual