Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch


Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch

With our Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch a simple twist of a knob provides a convenient way to quickly disconnect and reconnect power from an automotive battery. The switch provides a clean, solid, low profile connection to your car, truck, boat or RV battery. The switch makes it simple to disconnect your battery to work on your vehicle or the knob can be removed to prevent theft. It also works great to eliminate battery drain if you’re storing a vehicle for an extended period of time. Tested to exceed a continuous 200 amp load.
Easy to Install Instructions:
Disconnect ground (-) cable from battery and attach it to switch mounting post.
Attach clamp end of switch to (-) battery post.
Turn black knob fully clockwise to connect battery power. To disconnect power, turn knob 1/4 turn counter clockwise. Knob can be removed for anti-theft.
Keep connections clean and tight to assure optimum performance.

The negative post diameter on a SAE automotive battery is .625″ which is the same as our switch post.  Some batteries have larger posts so it’s necessary to use a shim with a standard battery disconnect switch.  You can use a thin piece of copper or brass or they sell battery post shims at most auto stores or Amazon or eBay.


  • 6 or 12 volt operation.
  • Normally connected to the negative battery post but can be used on the positive side.
  • Tested to exceed a continuous 200 amp load. Will work with any automotive battery regardless of the batteries “cranking amps” rating.


BS200 Drawing PDF (143 KB)