12-Button Rechargeable Transmitter


The GKF-WPTX-12 is a premium rechargeable transmitter for use with GAMA Electronics, Inc. remote control systems that utilize a 12-button R.F. Transmitter. This item is a direct replacement that can be used with any GAMA Electronics, Inc. 12-button systems (does not include RFR12V-4PR Replacement Atwood System).

This product features a battery life that is 12 times longer than the standard GAMA Electronics transmitter. The remote control will transmit for up to 9 hours on a single charge. The internal battery does not need to be replaced. The transmitter can be connected to a USB outlet and recharged for another 9 hours of transmission via the micro USB port on the bottom of the remote.

The transmitter is supplied with a charging kit that includes a USB cable, wall charger and automotive accessory outlet charger.

The transmitter is designed to be waterproof to an IP65 level (protection from dust, rain and water spray). It is not deigned to be submerged.


  • Twelve Button Transmitter
  • Frequency: 340 MHz
  • LEDs indicate transmission and charging state.
  • Dimensions: approximately 5″L x 2.5″W x 1″D.


GKF-WPTX-12 Drawing PDF (679 KB)