Rocker Switch, Power Window 5-Wire Reverse Polarity


Rocker Switch, Power Window 5-Wire Reverse Polarity

This is a popular, widely used power window switch. It is commonly referred to as a polarity motor reversing 5 wire rocker switch and is used by Ford as well as many import manufactures for window and door lock controls. A green LED is incorporated into the switch for backlighting. The switch is 3 positions, momentary On-Off-momentary On and it snaps into a panel cutout measuring .72” x 1.54”. It is rated at 20A 12VDC. The terminals are .25” quick connect. A wiring diagram is shown in the photo.


  • Polarity Reversing -5 Terminal Switch
  • Momentary On-Off-Momentary On
  • 20 Amp 12VDC
  • Green LED Illumination
  • Panel Cutout: .72″ x 1.54″
  • 1/4″ Quick Connect Terminals


R952B Drawing PDF (658 KB)
R952B Wiring Diagram PDF (661 KB)