RF Remote Control System for 120VAC Pendant Controlled Hoists and Winches



RF Remote Control System for 120VAC Pendant Controlled Hoists and Winches

The RF120V1PR3P-WP is a 340 MHz RF receiver designed for use with 120VAC hoists and winches that include a pendant control. The receiver operates from 120VAC and provides two-way operation of an 120VAC hoist. The receiver is equipped with a manual toggle switch, that replaces the existing pendant control, that allows operation without the need for the RF transmitter. The receiver is encased in a waterproof enclosure. The operating range is approximately 100 feet. Operating temperature range – 0° F to 160° F.

The control has been tested with many popular pendant controlled hoists and winches including Pittsburgh, Warn and Champion.

The transmitter has two buttons assigned to the motor output. The up (^) button runs the motor in one direction and down (v) button runs the motor in the opposite direction.

The receiver is equipped with a manual switch that can be used in place of the transmitter.


  • Frequency: 340MHz.
  • Input voltage: 120VAC.
  • Operating temperature range: 0°F to 160°F.
  • Transmit range is 100 feet under normal operating conditions.
  • Up to 12 keyfob transmitters can be used with each receiver.
  • Reciever can be setup for momentary or latching operation.
  • Tested with many popular brands including Warn, Champion and Pittsburgh

Additional information

Communication Range

Long Range, Standard

Transmitter Type

Extended Battery Life, Standard, Waterproof


RF120V1PR3P-WP Wiring Diagram PDF (988 KB)
RF120V1PR3P-WP Instructions PDF (100 KB)
RF120V-1PR3P-WP Drawing PDF (1 MB)


  • A23-6


    6-Pack of A23 12V Alkaline Batteries

  • KF340-2WP


    2-Button Waterproof Keyfob Transmitter

  • KF340-9VB-2


    Extended Battery 2-Button Transmitter

  • KF340-2

    2-Button Keyfob Transmitter