RF Remote Control System for AC Powered Winches


NOTE: Before purchasing, please review our control selection guide. This guide covers most boat lift, hoist and winch motors. The guide is sorted by motor manufacturer. If your motor is not listed, please refer to the wiring diagrams and/or consult an electrician.

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The RF120V1PRDC is an RF receiver operating at a fixed frequency of 340 MHz. The receiver operates from 120VAC input power and provides a polarity reversing output for use with certain AC powered winches. Winch suppliers such as Harbor Freight and Northern Tool offer winches that operate from a 120 VAC power source which is rectified to operate a DC motor. These winches typically use a 2-button pendant for manual operation. Below is a list of the manufacturers and the corresponding winch model numbers that the RF120V1PRDC remote control will operate with:

Harbor Freight, Chicago Electric Winch Model 96127, 1,500 Pound.

Northern Tool, WARN Winch Model 80010, 1,000 Pound.

Northern Tool, WARN Winch Model 85330, 1,500 Pound.

Northern Tool, Dutton Lainson Model 25046, 4,000 Pound.

Northern Tool, Dutton Lainson Model SA5015AC, 1,200 Pound.

Northern Tool, Dutton Lainson Model SA9015AC, 2,700 Pound.

Northern Tool, Superwinch Model AC1500, 1,500 Pound.

Northern Tool, Superwinch Model AC1,000, 1,000 Pound.

Keeper Winch, Model KAC1500, 1,500 Pound.

Northern Tool, Model 54129, 1,500 Pound.

Each transmitter has a unique address that is transmitted when a button is pressed. A “program” button is provided on the receiver to program the transmitter(s) address into the receiver’s memory. An LED on the receiver indicates the receiver’s programming status and illuminates when the receiver is energized. The receiver is encased in a waterproof enclosure. The operating range is at least 100 feet.

Polarity reversing output:
The transmitter has two buttons assigned to the motor output. The up (^) button runs the motor in one direction and down (v) button runs the motor in the opposite direction. A toggle switch is mounted on the receiver and provides manual control of the output in case the transmitter is not available.

Maximum ratings:
Power for the receiver can be in the range of 100 to 132VAC. The relay contacts are rated at 20 Amperes, 1HP. Operating temperature range – 0° F to 160° F.

Receiver dimensions are approximately 5.75″ L x 4″ W x 2.5″ H.

This item is now available with our rechargeable transmitter. This transmitter lasts 12 times longer than our standard transmitter with a single charge. When the battery gets low it can be recharged with a USB connector. It is an ideal option for applications that utilize momentary operation.


Additional information

Transmitter Type

Extended Battery Life, Rechargeable (2-Button), Standard, Waterproof

Communication Range

Long Range, Standard


RF120VPRDC Wiring Diagram PDF (650 KB)
RF120VPRDC Drawing PDF (3 MB)
RF120VPRDC Instruction Manual PDF (2 MB)