Markets Served


We have a variety of printed circuit board assemblies, control panels, switches, and harnesses used in the automotive industry. Some of the highlights include our patented battery disconnect switches and high volume cruise control switch assembly used by a major US automotive manufacturer.

Recreational Vehicles

We supply switch assemblies, leveling controls, slide-out controls and RF remote controls for a variety of applications. These controls are used for both electric and hydraulic applications. We also supply switch assemblies and controls to a number of leveling jack manufacturers.


We are a supplier of a variety of products to major U.S. motorcycle manufacturers. The electronic products include turn signal/brake control modules, reverse motor control modules, and specialty lighting assemblies.

Trailers & Specialty Vehicles

We offer a wide array of products in the trailer and specialty vehicle markets. These products include lighting assemblies and controls for school buses, waterproof switch assemblies for fire trucks, switch assemblies and pendant controls for trailers, wireless controls for construction equipment used in trenches and wireless controls for snow plows.

Industrial Equipment

An important segment of our business is for industrial controls. Typical product examples are: motor controls, access controls, remote controls, heating and cooling controls, gymnasium equipment controls, winch, lift and hoist controls, and a variety of lighting controls.

Green Energy Design & Manufacturing

Our company is committed to focusing a portion of our resources on green energy and preservation of our environment. We have partnered with other local like minded companies to design assemblies that conserve resources and/or offer alternative power. These assemblies will not only solve a need and decrease expenses for the end user but also help decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and preserve the environment.


Waterproof switches and controls are a big part of our business and they have proven very popular in the marine industry due to their reliability under harsh environmental conditions. We also manufacture control panels, electrical accessory items and winch controls for the marine industry


Since the inception of our company, the medical industry has been a significant part of our business. We manufacture and distribute a line of medical heat sealer products and we also produce many custom electronic assemblies which are used in x-ray machinery, pharmaceutical dispensing equipment and patient assist devices.

Gymnasium Equipment

We provide RF remote controls to several manufacturers of gymnasium equipment. The controls are used to raise and lower basketball backboards and reposition curtains. We also manufacture LED shot clock displays. We also supply a variety of switches to this industry.


Our remote control systems, motor control assemblies and custom control panels are used extensively in the agricultural industry.


The white goods industry uses our switches for many different applications. We also supply electronic lighting controls and power management controls to this industry.

Handicapped Access Controls

We designed and manufacture a line of pendant switch controls in a variety of configurations that are supplied in high volume to this industry.

Gaming Industry

For years we have supplied switches, printed circuit board assemblies and full turn key machines to this industry. The products range from small switches to designing and manufacturing electronic modules for card shuffling machines.

USB Software Interface Equipment

We designed and manufacture a USB interface device that this customer markets to handicapped students and schools. We also provide several other computer access devices meant to aid severely handicapped individuals.

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