Waterproof Rocker Switch, 30 Amp DPDT On-On


Waterproof Rocker Switch, 30 Amp DPDT On-On

Double pole, double throw On-On Rocker Switch. We have extensively tested this switch under harsh outdoor conditions and it performs very well. This heavy duty switch mounts in a .82 x 1.44 inch hole and it has 1/4 quick connect terminals. It is rated at 18A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC, 30A 12VDC. Internal gaskets and o-rings keep water & dust out of the contacts. Black body and button.


  • DPDT On-On
  • Rated at 30A @ 12VDC, 18A @ 125VAC, 10A @ 250VAC.
  • Panel Cutout: .82″ x 1.44″
  • Waterproof to IP66

Additional information

Switch Type

Sealed Enclosure With Wire Leads, Standard


232B1-BB Drawing PDF (715 KB)
232B1-BB Wiring Diagram PDF (648 KB)