RF Remote Control System, 240VAC Single Phase, Capacitor Start (4-wire) AC Motor Reversing



RF Remote Control System, 240VAC Single Phase, Capacitor Start (4-wire) AC Motor Reversing

The LRF240VPR1L is a 340 MHz RF receiver designed for use with boat lift, winch and rail systems. The receiver operates from 240VAC and provides a polarity reversing output for use with four/six lead AC motors. The receiver is equipped with a manual toggle switch that allows to user to operate the control without remote functionality. The receiver is encased in a waterproof enclosure. The operating range is approximately 500 feet. Operating temperature range – 0° F to 160° F.

Polarity reversing output:
The transmitter has two buttons assigned to the motor output. The up (^) button runs the motor in one direction and down (v) button runs the motor in the opposite direction. The reversing function is accomplished by reversing the phase on two of the 4 motor connections at the receiver output.

Manual switch:
The receiver is equipped with a manual switch that can be used in place of the transmitter.

This item is now available with our rechargeable transmitter. This transmitter lasts 12 times longer than our standard transmitter with a single charge. When the battery gets low it can be recharged with a USB connector. It is an ideal option for applications that utilize momentary operation.


  • Radio Frequency 340 MHz
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • The relay contacts are rated at 20 Amps/ 1HP
  • External antenna
  • Receiver dimensions are approximately 5.75″ L x 4″ W x 2.5″ H.

Additional information

Transmitter Type

Extended Battery Life, Rechargeable (2-Button), Standard, Waterproof


LRF240VPR1L Drawing PDF (517 KB)
LRF240VPR1L Wiring Schematic PDF (654 KB)


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