RF Remote Control System, 12VDC 5-Motor Polarity Reversing with Auxiliary Switch Leads


RF Remote Control System, 12VDC 5-Motor Polarity Reversing with Auxiliary Switch Leads

The RF340-5PR-ASL is a RF Transmitter and Receiver operating at a fixed frequency of 340 MHz. The Receiver operates from 12VDC and provides five polarity reversing outputs. There are 4 polarity reversing outputs that can be controlled independently or together via an ALL function. There is a 5th auxiliary output that is controlled independently of the other 4 outputs. This control is often used in RV applications for 4 leveling jacks and an independent slide out.

The Receiver has terminal blocks for connecting the input power and output to the 5 polarity reversing relay outputs. Each Transmitter has a unique address that is transmitted when a button is pressed. A “program” button is provided on the Receiver to program the Transmitter(s) address into the Receiver’s memory. An LED on the Receiver indicates the Receiver’s programming status and illuminates when the Receiver is energized. The operating range is at least 100 feet.

The Transmitter has two buttons assigned to each of the five outputs. The up (^) button runs the motor in one direction and down (v) button runs the motor in the opposite direction.


ON/OFF feature.
There is an optional ON/OFF connection on the Receiver. It can be controlled using a SPST ON/OFF switch. The receiver is shipped with the ON/OFF functionality disabled via a wire jumper so a switch is not required. To use the ON/OFF functionality you will need to remove the jumper wire and connect wires from the ON/OFF terminal block to a SPST ON/OFF switch.

Manual Switch Input Control.
The receiver contains an 11-position terminal block for connection to manual switch inputs to control the 5 polarity reversing outputs. The manual switch inputs are logic level inputs and only require small gauge wires between the switches and terminal block.

Current Detection/Over-Current System Shutdown.
The RFR340-5PR-ASL incorporates output current detection that will disconnect an output when the output exceeds the current setting. There is a single rotary dip switch that sets the maximum current for the individual motor outputs. When multiple outputs are activated, the total current of all active outputs are monitored. The sum of the current for all outputs will trip the current shutdown when 80- amperes is exceeded. When the current shutdown activates, all outputs are shutdown for 5 seconds. After the 5 second reset time the output can be activated by the pressing the corresponding switch on the transmitter.

The system will monitor the current trip circuit and will allow the outputs to be activated 3 separate times when a current trip threshold occurs. After the third consecutive current trip occurs within a one-minute time period the receiver will turn off all outputs and the program LED will start to flash. The input power to the receiver must be turned off and then back on to re-activate the system. This is a safety feature to protect the receiver and connected loads, and alerts the user there is an over-current condition that should be resolved.


  • Input voltage: 12VDC with reverse polarity protection.
  • Operating temperature range: 0°F to 160°F.
  • Typical transmit range is 500 feet.
  • The transmitter is designed to be waterproof to an IP65 level (protection from dust, rain and water spray). It is not deigned to be submerged.


RF340-5PR-ASL Instruction Manual

RF340-5PR-ASL Drawing