Reverse Polarity Motor Control with Speed Control


***This item is not recommended for trolling motor applications***

Motor Control with Speed Control

The model 80A-SC speed control is a designed to operate 12VDC 2-wire polarity reversing motors. The control operates using a 12VDC power source. It is housed in a rugged IP-66 NEMA4 enclosure. All internal electronics are encapsulated in urethane potting material for high resistance to moisture and vibration. The system is controlled using 3 switches located on the front face of the control. The switch on the left controls the power to the motor. The center switch will adjust the speed the motor will run at and the switch on the right will adjust the direction of the motor. As a safety precaution, a thermal detector is used to reduce the output speed if the control reaches an unsafe operating temperature level. The control returns to normal operation once the control returns to a safe operating temperature.

This system DOES NOT include the optional R.F. Remote Control functionality.

There is a waterproof connector included on the assembly. The optional R.F. remote control kit adds remote control functionality to the speed control. Plug the R.F. connector into the waterproof connector, program the remote control to the system and you will be able to control the speed with either the remote control or the manual switches. The remote system can be setup for momentary or latching operation.


  • Input voltage: 12VDC with reverse polarity protection.
  • The output relays are rated at 80A @12VDC.
  • Operating temperature range: 0°F to 160°F.


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80A-SC Instructions PDF (2 MB)
80A-SC Drawing PDF (1 MB)