Substitute for Lance/Atwood wired Camper Jack Module


Substitute for Lance/Atwood wired Camper Jack Module

This is a replacement Camper Jack Relay Control Module. This is the wired control frequently found on Lance Truck Campers and used to control Atwood Leveling Jacks. This system used a 6 position phone cable to communicate between the hand-held switch and the relay module. It should not be confused with the wireless RF Control used on later models. This relay module has the electronics encapsulted to protect them from moisture. Some of the early units did not have this feature. This module is a replacement for all versions. We also offer the 6 position phone cable and the hand-held switch control in our Store.


ACJRELAY Drawing PDF (661 KB)




    Substitute for Lance/Atwood Wired Camper Jack Switch

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    Substitute for Lance/Atwood Camper Jack Control Cable